January 29, 2015

Vintage Goodie Bags

Can you believe it's almost February?  Just an FYI -- all future Rummage Sale items will be listed in my Etsy Shop.

I've been making Vintage Goodie Bags -- each bag is different -- vintage tea towels, trims, buttons, hankies, doilies, fabric, feedsack fabric, etc...

Is it possible to resist a spoons and forks apron?  This is one of the goodie bags I'll listing in my Etsy Shop.  It takes time to get the listings done...keep checking if you're interested.

I have turned off the comments.

~Piecefully, Stephanie

January 22, 2015

Spotted Fever

 (quilt from the 2008 NQA Show)

I'm afflicted with a condition for which there is no known cure.  Spotted Fever.  There are no checks, stripes or florals that cure this malady.  It's contagious in 48 states and it's rapidly spreading to other continents.  The Center for Polka Dot Control (CPDC) is stumped.  They are working feverishly to find a cure.

To assuage this malady is has been recommended to shop responsibly.  Outbreaks can occur any time but especially during times of low polka dot stash.  Spotted Fever is being recognized as an addiction and support groups are forming across the nation.  To find a support group near you please dial 1-800-Got-Spots.

Unsure if you are afflicted?  The CPDC lists the following symptoms:

*Unable to make a quilt or project without the use of polka dots

*Outbreaks of rash polka dot shopping

*Euphoria at the sight of polka dots

*Irritability or restlessness when your polka dot stash is low

*In times of stress you feel the strong need to purchase more polka dots

*You stalk your mail carrier when you know a polka dot package is arriving

*You have considered inventing a GPS for polka dot  for shopping

*You want polka dot clothes, shoes, dishes, dog accessories, and wonder why car manufacturers do not offer polka dots as a color choice.  Polka dot fever isn't limited to fabric only.

*You believe you heard Former President George W Bush say "No Polka Dot Left Behind"

Warning:   The CPDC advises you to seek immediate polka dot intervention if you experience any of these symptoms lasting longer than four hours.  You may be at risk for irreversible side effects.  Do not ignore the warning signs!

Happy National Polka Dot Day.

(reposted from my Loft Creations blog 2013)

~Piecefully, Stephanie

January 21, 2015


My kids and I have sensitive skin.  I purchase homemade soaps and we have tried many...some we love and some not so much.  The "white" soap on the right is homemade soap by Vicki.  The darker coffee soap at the top is made by my long time friend and soap maker, Jody.  The Molly' Soaps are newer to me.  Candace led me to her.  All lovely, all different.

I have made glycerin soap in years past but they don't last long.  You just melt glycerin and add essential oils and coloring if desired perhaps some lemon zest or other "things" for fun.  Pour it into a mould and wait for it to harden.  While pretty to look at they don't serve a purpose of really cleansing and softening.  My son expressed interest in making homemade soap.  It's helpful to have a tried and true recipe to start with and Vicki generously shares her recipes, tips, etc...on her blog.

I ordered minimum amounts of necessary supplies and this past Saturday James and I made our first batch of Vicki's Shea Butter Soap.  We remove the soap from their moulds tomorrow then let it harden for about 3 weeks before use.  I shared a wee bit on Instagram and there was interest.  If you would like a more in-depth blog post about soap making for beginners, let me know in the comments.  Next soap making batch I'll photograph the process and share, after my next supply order.

Before I ventured into soap making I did some reading here and there.  You need 3 things to make soap -- water, lye and oil.  There are many sites with soap supplies and soap calculators if you want to try concocting your own recipe.  I'm not at the stage where I'll venture into my own recipe, yet.

~Piecefully, Stephanie

January 18, 2015

Baby Creations

I heart making baby quilts and most recently little sets I call Baby Creations.

The sweet floral prints are all 21-wale corduroy and the quilt backing is a button print flannel.  Polka dot binding, yes please!  Add a bitty blanket with a rick rack handle and you have a sweet little gift for a baby-in-waiting.

Friend Carrie won a big box of prizes last year and shared a package of Quilter's Dream Orient batting with me.  I've used and love Quilter's Dream Cotton but the Orient blend of silk, bamboo, Tencel, and cotton was new to me.  The batting is velvety soft and truly a dream to use.  I wasn't familiar with Tencel but the description is on the package contents.  If you'd like to know what Tencel is please click HERE.  I used the batting for this little quilt.  I'd definitely use it again.

~Piecefully, Stephanie

January 16, 2015

Vintage Goodness Photo Bomb

 Do you supposed our love for houses is because Home Is Where The Heart Is?  A few years ago Mom gave me some vintage goodness.  Some of this goodness belonged to a dear old lady friend of hers, Myrtie.  Myrtie now resides in Vintage Goodness Heaven.  Myrtie did not own a rotary cutter or mat.  She lived in a cabin in the desert.  There are pencil marks on the muslin background pieces where you can see she marked lines with a ruler then cut on the lines with scissors to achieve the squares.

I love dresden plates as well.  What better way to use some of my vintage stash than to make dresden plates...

and combine them with Myrtie's Houses!

This is Myrtie's original house pattern.  The setting is something I came up with after very much thought.  I received Myrtie's template and hand written instructions along with many finished houses as well as many unfinished ones.  Happiness is Dear Friend Candace asking if she could work on finishing some of Myrtie's Houses.  Candace's work is so lovely you can't tell which ones are hers and which are Myrtie's work.  I do not appliqué (only dresdens) nor do I embroider.  There were enough houses to share with Candace so she can make her own neighborhood.  I have some hand sewing to do then I can assemble Myrtie's Houses into a quilt top.  

Thought you might like a closer peek at some of my vintage fabrics.

Working with vintage fabrics I see where some fabric designers get their "inspiration."  I love my vintage stash.  The only new fabric that will most likely be used in this quilt will be the backing and perhaps the binding.  I heart this quilt.  I heart sharing it on my blog...something that Instagram doesn't really allow me to do in depth.

~Piecefully, Stephanie

January 14, 2015

Of Patterns and Things

I do not pump out quilts or patterns.  My turn around time from project to PDF is slow.  I'm OK with that because I put a lot of thought into what projects I feel are worthy of becoming a pattern.  I enjoy the process.  Some quilts I want to make, just because.  

In the past I never shared a project until it was a published pattern.  Recently I've changed that and have shared before the pattern is formatted.  I've been asked A LOT about this quilt, it's been my blog banner since I started Rummage, the blog, I've also shared it on Instgram.  The quilt has been tested by two awesome and very patient Supremes and now it's waiting for my talented daughter to format it.  Without her there would be no patterns.  I am thankful for her willingness to take time to do the formatting when she works at an incredibly intense job.  Allison is working on a project that isn't allowing her free time and so Rummage, the quilt pattern, will not be formatted until sometime next month.

While this block is not my original design (I'm not sure there is such a thing) I would like to think that my fabric choices, style, mix of textures and materials are what make it "unique."  If someone sees an idea and changes the idea to be similar yet different then shares it publicly and gives a free tutorial then so be it.

I'm sure if you'd like, you can make this quilt without a published pattern.  If you are so inclined, please do so, I believe you can find a free block through the power of Google.  :o)    Just please don't ask me the name of the block, the size, yardage requirements.  At the end of the day, whether or not I sell patterns to support my hobby, I shall still do what I want, when I want, because I want.  It's nice to think I might provide a little inspiration in the process.  Sharing with the crafting community is still something I enjoy and social media is a way to do that.  

~Piecefully, Stephanie

January 10, 2015

Pretty Things

How can you resist a teacup filled with pom pom fringe?

I LOVE playing with pretty things.

The sweet pink print is a piece of vintage tablecloth from my stash.  Oh joy!

If you're new to my blog thank you for stopping by.  I spend most of my time on instagram now.  I've been sharing Valentine goodness.   I'm @sadunphy 

~Piecefully, Stephanie