December 17, 2014

Holiday Hips

Yesterday there was cookie baking and sugared pecan making.  We awoke to snow on the rooftops so it's a festive day to deliver goodies to thank those who show kindness throughout the year.  These are addictive.  I need to hide them from myself!  The recipe is Jerry's Sugared Pecans by Trisha Yearwood.  Simple and dangerously tasty.

Holiday Reminder:  Please eat responsibly and always eat in even numbers.  Tis the season for holiday hips so be sure to keep them even.

~Piecefully, Stephanie

December 11, 2014

Making Things

Mom asked for a black/grey version of Travels with Lou --  a bag in my book named and made just for her.  I love that I could make her something she wants and loves.  The fabric is Neutral Love II by Connecting Threads and a perfect paring with the dark grey corduroy.  I wanted the bag to be super special so I dug through my grandma's buttons that Mom gave me a couple of years ago.  I think of this as a 3 generational bag -- grandma's buttons, for mom, made by daughter/granddaughter.  I think Mom will love it.

(old photo)

It's been a year in the making but the granny stripe afghan I've been crocheting is nearly complete.  I still need to weave those pesky ends and crochet the edge.  Then I will have completed my very first crocheted blanket.  I have some yummy yarn on order for a new project in 2015.  I will not start it until this one is complete -- I don't need lots of yarn PiPs (projects in progress)!

I've been making some dishcloths, a mindless evening project.  They are nice to keep on hand, just in case you need a quick little gift.  I use THIS pattern from Hooked on Needles.  

I love the scrubby texture.

Abby requested some fleece dog toy gifts for her furry friends so I need to get busy.  Are you finished with your handmade holiday gifts?  I have some flannel calling my name for pillowcases.

~Piecefully, Stephanie

December 8, 2014

Holiday Gifts

These are the two very best gifts of all!  Abby is very happy both of her children are home.

It's been a comfortable quiet here on my blog.  Perhaps that's a reflection of less interest on my part as well as less visitors overall.  Maybe it's just "that time of year..."

I've finished a couple of quilts, have many projects "in progress" as well as unfinished patterns, but I also have no deadlines to fulfill.  My time is my own.  I'll pop in once in a while for a little show and tell.  So in case I don't "see" you between now and Christmas,  Happy Holidays to you!

~Piecefully, Stephanie

November 28, 2014

Abby's Holiday Gift Ideas

Are your people positively perplexed about the perfect holiday pet gift just for you?  Abby Elf suggests you encourage your people to visit this post chock full of the perfect pet gift giving ideas.  Your people are probably out in the cold, fighting the Black Friday crowds right now, leaving you home alone to write your Holiday Wish List.  You don't want your people to overstress.  Be patient with them when they're ignoring you, give them extra love when they get home from Black Friday shopping!  Perhaps you could fetch their favorite slippers but please don't chew their slippers.

How about a biscuit bag?  If you are trying to train your family perhaps you could suggest a handmade pooch pouch using this simple tutorial.

Does your family like to bake?  Well homemade biscuits are not only tasty but they make great gifts for you and your friends.  They could fill a handmade biscuit bag with homemade biscuits.

Do you tear the head off of those softies and pull their brains out all over the freshly vacuumed carpet?  Tell your people about this fleece dog toy tutorial.  My mom and dad made one and I still have it.  They like it because the handle is far enough away from my teeth when we play.  These are fun gifts to give your doggie friends too.

My biscuit lady, I mean mail lady, moved to a different route.  I gave her a house to remember me by with a gift card to the local pet shop so she could keep buying biscuits for her new dog friends.  There is a pocket on the back to slip the card in.  You can find the pattern HERE.  Don't let your Mom and Dad forget your two legged dog loving friends!  Marlin, my UPS driver, still delivers packages and biscuits so I'm going to make sure Mom remembers a gift for him.

I love polka dots and flannel.  Mom made me a cozy heart quilt.  I have the bestest Mom!  You might drop hints to your people -- maybe go in the sewing room and select some fabric and drop it in the sewing chair.  Or you could lay your head in your mom's lap and look lovingly at her while she's sewing up a quilt for a human.  Chilly dogs need cozy quilts.

Your very own quilt would fit nicely into your very own bag when you drive over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house.  Mom made Abby on the Go just for me.   She hearts me, a lot.

She personalized it just for me so no one accidentally takes MY bag!  You can tell your cousin dogs -- Happy, Mimi and Pepper -- to have their people read this post and make them a personalized bag!  They'll certainly be jealous when they see you have your very own, one of a kind doggie creation.

The bag holds not only a quilt and treats but toys too!  Oh and this is a roomy bag for your people to make their own personal bag.

A handy dandy back pocket keeps a toy or biscuit easily accessible when the need arises. 

May visions of homemade biscuits dance in your head.

~Love, Abby

November 24, 2014


Having a meltdown can be quite literal...turn on old computer, go make tea, walk back into the office to the smell of melting plastic.  EEK!   I have an Apple and I'm gonna love it, once I figure out the learning curve.  Still finding things, thank goodness for my live-in Apple specialist.  Thanks James.

If you are on Instagram I'm there as sadunphy.

Visiting blogs may take a while as I'm an old dog learning new tricks.  Wishing everyone a Thanksgiving filled with good food, fun, friends, and family.

~Piecefully, Stephanie

November 22, 2014

Too Cozy

I think it's impossible to have too many scarves...

especially if they're made from corduroy.  I love my stash -- this beauty has been waiting for me.  The corduroy is from Amy Butler's Soul Blossoms collection.

~Piecefully, Stephanie

November 21, 2014


Because recently I saw THIS Craftsy blog post...

I decided to make a corduroy infinity scarf using my tutorial I shared HERE.  Corduroy should not be judged without facts in evidence.  (Perhaps I watch too many re-runs of Law and Order!) I cut it larger as I wanted more velvety goodness to snuggle around my neck.  This is a simple and cozy holiday gift idea.  I cut my corduroy 20" x 60".  If you buy 2 yards of fabric you can make two scarves -- one for you and one for a friend. 

One lovely scarf in under an hour.  Yes, I have hot pink cashmere gloves.  I found this amazing corduroy last year on discount at Hobby Lobby.

This non-infinity scarf is from my book.

~Piecefully, Stephanie